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Croup is a viral infection that affects the voice box. It usually starts with just runny nose and mild cough, but leads to worsening cough that sounds like a seal’s bark.

Your child’s breathing becomes noisy on inspiration and labored, a condition called “stridor”. Your child may or may not have a fever.

Most cases of mild croup can be handled at home with cool-mist vaporizer and If you do not have one, turn on the hot water in your shower or bathtub and let the bathroom fill up with steam. Stay with your child in the bathroom while he or she breathes in the steam for a few minutes (make sure your child does not burn himself or herself with the hot water), or you may take your child for a walk in the cool night air.

If your child has a more serious case of croup, doctors may give your child a steroid medication or a medication to inhale and in some cases, your child may need to be admitted to hospital.