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Sources of lead

Common Sources of Lead:

1- Lead-based paint

2- Lead dust, which is produced by aging lead-based paint

3- Soil, which is contaminated by lead emissions from gasoline (prior to 1978), lead-based paint chips, storage of old batteries, etc.

4- Water which flows through lead pipes or copper pipes soldered with lead (prior to 1986)

5- Improperly glazed ceramic pottery and cooking utensils


1- Battery manufacturers or reclamation

2- Window replacement

3- Bronze manufacture

4- Firing range instructors

5- Gas station attendants

6- Glass manufacturers

7- Lead pigment manufacture

8- Lead smelters and refiners

9- Plumbers, pipe fitters

10- Policemen who work in automobile tunnels

11- Printers

12- Radiator manufacture or repair

13- Shipbuilders

14- Welders or Cutters – Steel burning or cutting (dismantling bridges, ships, etc.)

15- Bridge or ship workers (including airports and boats)

16- Construction workers, particularly those doing:

– Department of Transportation (DOT)

– Sign Makers

– Painting

– Remodeling

– Renovation

– Road work (specifically painters)

Hobbies, Sports, Other:

1- Moonshine whiskey

2- Car or boat repair

3- Fishing

4- Glazed pottery making

5- Home remodeling

6- Lead soldering

7- Making lead shot or bullet

8- Shooting at firing range

9- Stained glass manufacture

10- Additives to some “health foods” and imported candies

11- Substance Use

12- Toy soldiers (leaded)

13- Folk Remedies – Most commonly found in Mexican, Asian Indian, and Middle

Eastern groups.

Source: GA Medicaid 2014