Before Your Visit please make sure your equipment is ready to be used:

1- For Smartphones, check your camera and microphone are working properly and the camera and screen is facing you. For computers, verify that your microphone, camera and speakers are working well).

2- Use your smartphone on a Wi-Fi network to improve the video and audio quality.

3- Make sure your battery is sufficiently charged.

4- Make sure the volume is turned up so you can hear the doctor during the visit.

5- Close all other apps to improve the video quality and reduce battery consumption.


Prepare the space where you will have your virtual visit:

1- Make sure you have privacy for the visit considering that we will be discussing your personal medical information.

2- Choose a quiet, private, well-lit room for the visit.  Avoid backlighting (window…) which will make your look dark.

3- Avoid moving the phone or camera during the visit unless the physician needs you to (may use phone stand if available)

4- Check your browser requirements:

  • for PC and Mac: use Chrome / Firefox or safari.

  • for Android: use Chrome.

  • for IOS: use Safari.


Reduce Distractions:

1- Set your phone to silent and if possible, turn off other application notifications.

2- If you have family members or guests in the house with you, ask them in advance to limit conversation during your visit.

3- Turn off other devices that may cause distractions during the visit such as TV’s, radios, or household appliances.

4- Consider using a headset during the visit so you and your physician can easily hear one another.


The Dos and Don’ts of Televisit:

1- Don’t conducting your visit in common or public (non-private) location.

2- Don’t conducting your visit in your vehicle, especially while driving.

3- Avoid walking and moving during your Televisit.

4- Avoid answering text, email, or your phone during your visit.

TeleVisit - Pediatrics R US - Eatonton Pediatrics
TeleVisit - Pediatrics R US - Eatonton Pediatrics